The researchers in the LRU (U.K.) are:


1. Robert Walsh B.A., Phd - Palaeoanthropologist (Project Director)

Rob lives in Bournemouth, having studied for his B.A. in archaeology at Oxford University and for his Doctorate in biological/physical anthropology at La Spienza University, Rome.  Rob was a member of the Human Origins Group at London's Natural History Museum

Other/Previous Researchers in the LRU

1. Gayle Spiller B.A. (Archaeology)

Gayle lives in Oxon, having studied for a B.A. in archaeology at Reading University. 

2. Amy Harbin B.A. (Sociology)

Amy lives in Bedford, having studied for a B.A. in sociology at Portsmouth University.

3. Jon Wood PhD (Science Advisor)


Jon lives in Aylesbury, and studied for his Ph.D at UCL in philosophy.



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